Costume Design by  Cecile Van Dijk




Elliot Cowan, Jonathan Pryce, Élodie Yung,
James Callis, 
Harry Lloyd



It is 2043 and the future is not what we expected. With a crumbling world falling upon a decaying society, Frank Grieves (Elliot Cowan) is one of a new breed of elite cop working beyond the reach of the struggling police force. In a cramped and dangerous city where recreational drugs are legal and the population falls ever deeper into a state of loose morals and an altered sense of reality, Frank is one the few fighting for change. But when he is taken off a case involving a strange and unidentified corpse, he discovers that the legalization has come at a price no one could have expected.

Jonathan Pryce, Elliot Cowan
Elodie Yung
Jonathan Pryce

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