City Slacker

Costume Design by  Cecile Van Dijk


City Slacker


Fiona Gillies,
Tom Conti, 
Geoffrey Streatfeild,
Adrian Lukis,
Matilda Ziegler



Amanda (Fiona Gillies), a corporate high-flyer, finds out that the eggs she had frozen in her prime, ready to use when she’d achieved all her career goals, have been accidentally de-frosted in a cryogenic catastrophe. She’s on a fertility nose dive and if she wants to have a baby she’s going to have to conceive as nature intended, and quickly. To complicate matters, Ray (Tom Conti), her estranged father, arrives on her doorstep having lost everything in an ill-advised deal. Amanda has no intention of giving up her hard won career, so she needs a man with the magic combination of youth, intelligence, good looks and, crucially, a total lack of ambition, to bring up their baby. Step forward Dan (Geoffrey Streatfeild), who appears to be the perfect slacker. She isn’t strictly honest about her motives but then, neither is he.
And lurking in the background is her ex, Charles (Adrian Lukis), plotting a very public humiliation for them both.

Fiona Gillies & Tom Conti
Elodie Yung
Fiona Gillies
City Slacker

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